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Burial Options

VaultsWhen selecting a casket or cremation container for a loved one, it becomes a very personal decision. It is also one major area    where the cost is within your control. There are many choices in all price ranges for cloth covered    caskets, solid hardwood, veneer woods, and metal caskets.

Many of our caskets offer special features such as personalized head panels and    interchangeable corners. This allows for families to reflect the interests of their loved ones when choosing a casket. From golfing to    gardening - there is a large selection that allow a casket to honor a life well lived.

Vaults are required by some cemeteries, and preferred by most. In cemeteries where vaults are not required, using a vault is a decision that is left up to the family.

The selection of an urn is also a very personal decision. The number of designs are endless, from a simple wood urn, to an elaborate sculptured urn.

The selection room at Lampe and Powers Funeral Home represents a small sample of the caskets, urns, and vaults that are available. We can help you make a selection that meets your needs and your financial expectations.

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