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Death Away From Home

The odds of you - or a family member - dying away from the town where you wish to be buried is higher today than ever.

Count on our funeral home to coordinate everything.

When death occurs away from home, we are both your advisor and your agent, working with other professsionals long-distance, and coordinating required services. We belong to a nationwide association of funeral directors, which greatly enhances our ability to efficiently coordinate the details of a death away from home, including:

  • Moving the deceased from the place of death.
  • Preparation of the deceased for transporting to the home area.
  • Providing a transportation container.
  • Arranging for all required documents and permits in the city where death occurred.
  • Beginning arrangements of services.
  • Notifying newspapers to keep local residents informed.

Make Plans Now.

Then rest assured that whenever - and wherever - you may need assistance, help will always be right at hand.

Wherever death occurs, our assistance and counsel is always near.

Returning home from another community - Home is where the heart is and often, that's where people choose to be buried. Even if you've lived in another community for years, your thoughts may turn homeward    when you make final plans. You may wish to be returned home at the time of death for sentimental reasons, or to be buried alongside other family members.

In these situaltions, there is sometimes need for two services - one for friends and family in the current community, and another for friends and family at the place of burial.