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Benefits of Planning Ahead -

Pre-planning a funeral and prearranging for paymentof the costs ahead of time is a good idea for most people.   Funeral pre-planning allows families to lock in today's   pricing without having to pay more in the future for items   that have been pre-arranged. A death in the family is   always stressful, especially if the family has the added   burden of planning the funeral at the time of death.

  • Pre-planning saves your family from any additional burden at the time of emotional stress. 
  • You can express your own wishes and be assured that your family and the funeral director know what kind of funeral you want.
  • It guarantees that personal records are organized.
  • Pre-funding a funeral allows you to fit your budget with various payments plans and spares your loved ones from financial worry at a time of need.

You would be simply amazed at how good you will feel knowing that your wishes are on file with Lampe and Powers Funeral Home. More importantly, you can then enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that these decisions have not been left   for your loved ones to face.

By talking with our Funeral Director or Funeral Planning Professional, you will receive all the informaion you need to decide what is right for you.

Preneed Funeral Planning Checklist

Our preneed checklist shows you the decisions that must be made by family members at the time a death. This list does not include burial options such as choosing a casket, urn, or vault. It does not include notifying relatives, preparing obituary details, floral arrangements, etc. By taking time to consider the items below, you can make your wishes known to your family and to your funeral director.

  • Name of church
  • Clergy to preside over service (name)
  • Music? Vocal? Instrumental? Special selections?
  • Open or closed casket?
  • Obituary? Online Obituary?
  • Would you like to have a visitation?
  • Names of pallbearers
  • If a veteran, flag on casket? Folded?
  • Clothing / Glasses / Jewelry
  • Location of cemetary property and deed
  • Memorial contributionsOther instructions